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Is It OK for Christians to Buy Luxury Products and Services?

Is It OK for Christians to Buy Luxury Products and Services?


Sometimes pastors become wealthy. Very wealthy. And they might even buy that dream house you can’t afford (yet.) They might even buy a private jet or a Lamboghini.

Is it flaunting the wealth or simply an expression of the individual God made them to be?

What would you do if your pastor carries a Chanel bag that costs well over $3000? Or preaches while wearing a pair of Gucci sneakers on the pulpit?

Is it OK for pastors or their spouses to have the desire to have a luxury bag or to stay at a hotel room that cost a thousand dollars a night? They are humans too. Desire may not cease, but what if the money is there? And what if the ministry gives you got so much of it?

If the only thing that was preventing you from spending the money on it was the lack of money, you would now buy it.

The ultimate question is none but asking yourself if what you do is for glorifying the name of Jesus.

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