About salt container

'Salt Container' was created to seek who God is.

In 2017, I experienced the undeniable presence of Jesus Christ in me. He whispered kindly and gently that he knows, he knows, and that all will be fine.

Whether you are standing in the midst of life's whirlwind storm or the sunny breezy season of your life, Christ will deliver you to unchanging joy and gratitude. I pray that you can also see a piece of the profound peace and security which overflows from His love for us.

Thank you for your faith.

It strengthens the body of Christ that is not limited to you nor your family or the church you go to, but impacts the entire universe. Always remember that the Father is with you and he deeply loves you.

  • Disclaimer

The sermons and worship songs you can find here belong to the original writer of the content. I have carefully selected them to make this collage of God’s heart for us.